Dallas Beekeeping Supplies

Carpenter Bee Season is here. High Quality Cedar Carpenter Bee Traps. FREE SHIPPING. Please read all for details. The more traps you buy the cheaper for each trap. These traps work well. Jar style may vary but are included with each trap. Free Shipp [...]

10 frame bee hives. Unassembled, nails not included. Hive includes a telescoping top, inner cover, IPM (integrated pest management) screened bottom board, entrance reducer, (2) unassembled commercial deep hive bodies, (2) unassembled commercial medi [...]

I have honey bees under my front porch free to first come crowley 76036

Local honey!! $5 for 8 oz. bear. Other sizes available upon request. Fresh bee pollen also available. check us out on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Tys-Bees-1678567829053433/

1-Strong Bee Hive For Sale w/new varroa beetle screen bottom board..

Both metal and plastic barrels are one piece and do not have a removable lid however they do have threaded caps on the top. Delivery between Terrell and Dallas is possible. Metal = $7 Plastic = $10 Lots of diy possibilities. Chicken coop nest box [...]

10 10 frame bee hives for sale $300.00 each 1-9 complete hives fro sale . Bring your glove and vail and come work them and pick yours

It's used Brute 6.75hp 21" push mower for sale,just to bee self propel but i take off transmission i sale like push mower. Just Serviced and ready to mow. If you interesting email me, Please include your phone number in your email! No reply from me w [...]

I have fresh honey from bee hives. It's bottled in plastic honey squeeze containers. $8 for 1lb or $15 for 2lb. bottles. Lite brown in color and it's very sweet. Text or email if interested. show contact info I'm on the south side of Midlothian. I can mai [...]

We do bee removal relocating them to new home where they can do what bees do in a peaceful setting. We cover the DFW and surrounding area so if you have a hive in your house, shed, or other location we can remove them. We do free estimates and can us [...]

I am a local bee keeper and I will remove honey bee swarms ( a clump of bees about the size of a basketball in a tree, on shrubs or on fences or such) for free and will rehive the bees in my hives.Bees will start swarming right away and will continue [...]

cool signed pair from McConnell Unit - Bee county, likely 1970s - and unworn cowboy rodeo western cutting horse saddle trophy prisoner TDC

I buy all types of bee equipment....hive boxes, supers, frames, nuc boxes, etc. Drop me a line and let me know what you have. Thanks.

Medium hive body full of bees, honey, pollen and a high quality 2016 queen. I use VSH queens so you do not have to treat with chemicals. Screened bottom board and lid. Hive needs to go about 20 feet from where people will be but most backyards can k [...]

Beekeeper looking for properties to put honey bee hives. Sunflowers, alfalfa, cotton , any good nectar sources. Accustomed to opening and closing gates and respecting owners and properties. References available upon request. Preferably within an hour [...]

I am selling 3 bee bird houses for 20 each, it measurments are 6 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Prices are negotiable and pickup is in Wylie.

top bar bee hive...$225... show contact info

Bee hives for sale. Top Bar Hives and Langstrom Long Hives. Langstrom hive come in two sizes, 43 inch long (31 deep frames) and 24 inch (17 frames). TBH come in standard 48 inch length with 27 top bars. First pic is TBH, second my bee yard, third La [...]

If you have a ball of bees in your bushes or tree, "swarm", give me a shout and I'll come get them for free. I do need to know how high and where they are, send me pic in a text or email. If they are in a structure we can talk about the cost due to t [...]