Phoenix Beekeeping Supplies

How to catch Honey Bee Swarms. Things you should consider and how to get started. We have 50 years experience in the bee business. We have posted details about retrieving swarms here:

We will remove your bees and relocate them to our apiary. Most bee removal company's kill the bees, we save them! We remove swarms and hives from your walls, roof, trees, and any other place the bees might be. Make sure you get a warranty! We will [...]

Hello, we are Bee Logic Termite and Pest Control. and we are a local family owned company. We are offering termite treatments starting at $159. We use only Termidor HE the best product on the market. We take pride in our work and Guarantee our work. [...]

Interested in local honey or pollen? Local and amazing!! Please email me I have honey for sale starting from 2 oz up to bulk sizes of 60 pounds!! Pollen available also as it becomes available. Raw Organic Honey from the Bee Farm in North Phoenix

With the holiday season approaching, if you would like to give something that has a more personal touch, consider one of these two honey sampler baskets. A. Basket with 3 honey jars and candles - 2 evergreen trees + pine cone B. Basket with 2 honey [...]

We are a local Pest Control Company. Licensed and Insured. We specialize in Bee Control, Swarm Removal, Live Bee Removal Bee Relocation. Affordable Pricing starting at $75. Call Today show contact info

Live Bee Removal. Live Swarm Removal. Bee Control. Licensed & Insured. Lic#9097. All Bee Work is Warrantied. Photos are from Actual Customers. Price varies $75 and upward depending on each situation. Bees, Africinized Bees, Carpenter Bees [...]

Bee Smart, Make an Informed Decision When Having a Live Bee Removal Performed. Priced vary dependingon job details, $75, & upward. 10% off competitors pricing depending on swarm removal, bee extermination, or live removal and repair work. Make [...]

I am looking for a place to put a few honey bee colonies - 5 or so. I have been a beekeeper for about 40 years - since 1973. I am retired and like to have a few honey bees around and keep only gentle European bees. I will pay $100.00 and a gallon of [...]